How to Identify and Improve Poorly Performing Google Ads

How to Identify and Improve Poorly Performing Google Ads

In order to increase the number of clicks on your ad as well as the number of conversions, you need to be monitoring and evaluating a few KPIs (Key Performance Indicators):

  1. CTR is the Click Through Rate which means the rate at which your ad is shown to an individual and then clicked on by an individual. In order to evaluate whether or not an ad is performing well, compare your overall/average CTR to each ad’s CTR as well as the average for the particular campaign that the ad belongs to. Anything above that overall/average number is performing well and anything less than that overall/average number is not performing well.
  2. Conversions are the goals that you set to indicate that a client or customer has been acquired. For example, a lead or a purchase are conversions. The number of conversions should be considered in addition to the CTR in order to determine whether or not a particular ads is performing well.

So let’s give an example and put these 2 KPIs to the test.

Let’s say that you have these ads with this data:

  • Ad 1 – 5% CTR with 15 conversions
  • Ad 2 – 7% CTR with 25 conversions

The average CTR is 3% and the total number of conversions for that particular campaign is 50. You will want to take a look at the headlines, descriptions, call to actions and the landing pages for both ads to determine how to increase Ad 1’s conversions and Ad 2’s CTR.

For tips on how to improve those elements of your ads, watch the video below.

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