Google Ads: Spray Foam Insulation and Roofing Company

I started running ads for this company mid July of 2023. In just 1 and a half months, I was able to acquire 110 leads at a $17.35 Cost Per Lead – Click the image above to make it larger.

Google Ads: Landscaping/Hardscaping Company

This landscape company offers both landscaping/hardscaping services as well as a garden center. For 2023 so far, I was able to achieve a 96 leads at a $32.06 CPL on a very small budget – Click the image above to make it larger.

Google Ads: Insulation and Roof Coatings Company

This Texas based insulation and roof coatings business started advertising on Google Ads with me in May of 2023. So far I have been able to acquire 82 leads for them at a $45.82 Cost Per Lead – Click the image above to make it larger.

Google Ads: Insulation

For 2023, this insulation company wanted to bring in leads in order to grow their business. From January 1st up until March 30th here are the results that I have achieved so far for them:

Google Ads: Smart Lockers

I took over this account in April of 2022. Here are the results:

Zoomed in view of the KPIs:

Google Ads: Metal Building Manufacturer

This account has gone through quite a few re-vamps since I took it over in 2020. The client’s goal is to have a $100 or less CPL. Here are the stats up until April of 2022:

Compared to the year prior to the take over:

Google Ads: Healthcare Job Network

I launched the initial campaign in February of 2022. After a month or so, in order to scale the number of leads while getting the lowest CPL possible, I decided to split the campaign into 2:

  • Top Performers
  • Keyword Test

As you can see from the screen shot below, the Top Performers campaign is doing very well at a 16.31% conversion rate. The Keyword Test campaign – while it’s sole purpose is to identify new converting keywords to then move to the Top Performers campaign – is still converting a 7.61%.

Google Ads: Flooring Company

I took over this account in January of 2022. Comparing Month over Month performance, I increased their leads by 180% and decreased their CPL by 60.34%.

Google Ads: Lasik Surgery Center

I took over management for this account in July of 2021. Comparing Year over Year performance, I increased their leads by 41.48% and decreased their CPL by 10.38%.

Zoomed in the bottom stats:

Google Ads: Commercial Garage Door System Company

After 1 month of managing this account, I was able to increase the number of leads per month by 146.05%. In addition, the CPL decreased by 28.83%. This account has multiple service locations within the US and Canada.

Zoomed in to the bottom stats:

Facebook Ads: Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Practice

This practice is located in the very competitive market in a very small area: Manhattan, NY. For the first 7 and a half months that I managed the Facebook Ads for this client, I was able to achieve these results:

Google Ads: Commercial Insurance Company

This was a new account that I started back in April of 2019. Here are the results from the first 5 months:

Google Ads: Medical Packaging Company

I acquired this account in late 2019. The goal for this client is to get as many leads as possible for under $100. Here is the data set prior to me taking the account over:

After I took over the account, the CPL decreased by $35.63.

Google Ads: Display Ads for a Moving Company

I have been managing Google Ads for a multi-location, individually owned moving company since 2018. Prior to this particular company, I have managed Google Ads for quite a few other moving companies as well. The Search Campaign data from this particular company is located in a very competitive area:

Data from Q1 of 2020

Here are the results of their Display campaigns:

Data from Q1 of 2020

Here are results of 2 other locations that use the same strategy:

Search results from a second location
Display results from a second location
Search results from a third location

Facebook Ads: Home Services: Moving Company

This client is a privately owned, small moving company that both residential and commercial moving services. Below you will see their 1st month test budget results with Facebook (February 2018). The second set of data shows March 2018’s results on half of the test budget.

Google Ads: Auto Repair Shop

So far for 2018, we are up 2 leads and are seeing a decrease in CPL by 18.44% compared to the same time period for 2017.

Google Ads: Home Services: Pool Company

This client is a full service pool company that offers remolding, maintenance, repair, patio remodeling and more. Below you will find a 60 Day Google Ads Account Snapshot of a pool company that I took over managing in October 2017. Then data is from 11/1/2017 thru 1/1/2018. Not only was I able to take this pool company’s Cost Per Lead from a $75 down to just under $30, I was also able to increase their leads by 110.32%. I did all of this during the holiday season.

Google Ads: B2B Welding Equipment Company

When I first acquired the account in late 2015, they had a total of 386 leads at a $197.75 CPL.

Display results from a third location