The Secret to Winning with Google Display Ads

The Secret to Winning with Google Display Ads

The secret to winning with Google Display ads is Display Intent campaigns. So, what is a Display Intent Campaign? Using Google’s Affinity and In-Market audiences, you can effectively target people who have intent to buy your product or service. Pretty neat right?

Here’s what you need in order to set up an Display Intent campaign:

  • Google Analytics installed on your website for at least 90 days
  • The In-Market audience report will need to be enabled in Google Analytics
  • You will need to be tracking conversions in the Google Ads platform

Once you have that all set up and your data, in Google Analytics you will want to navigate to the Audience menu and then click on Interests.

  • Under the Interests menu select In-Market Segments
  • Sort by conversions to see what are the top performing In-Market Audiences and/or Affinity Audiences based on this information
  • Take the top 3 to 5 performers and test them in a Display campaign. Break each audience out by Ad Group so that you can see which one performs the best and then scale it.

If you need a free tutorial on how to set up a Display Campaign, watch the video below.