How to Spend Less and Make More with Your PPC Campaigns

How to Spend Less and Make More with Your PPC Campaigns

As a Digital Marketing consultant, one of the most common issues that I address with clients on a regular basis is the consumer funnel and whether or not their PPC campaigns are targeting each part of the The Consumer Funnel with the most effective ads and landing pages.

Most if not all of my clients hired me because they simply could not get an acceptable return on investment so that they could scale their marketing efforts and grow their business.

Spending money on the wrong keywords, the wrong audience, using the wrong ad copy, wrong landing page, the wrong campaign objectives and so on, are all common issues that the clients who I have worked with have experienced. The one solution that has helped them all no matter what size business or how much their monthly budgets are, was teaching them The Consumer Funnel and showing them how to apply it to their PPC Campaigns.

Like you, most of my clients are business owners who wear a lot of hats and need some guidance through the complicated, time consuming beast that is Digital Marketing. In this blog post series you will gain a full understanding of what The Consumer Funnel is and how to apply it to your business and current PPC Campaigns. As you go through this series, I offer free worksheets that will help you apply The Consumer Funnel to your current PPC Campaigns.

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