The Good

There is a HUGE opportunity in creating a value packed lead magnet.

The Bad

I can’t tell you how many times I have signed up for someone else’s lead magnet only to receive a thrown together checklist that provided little to 0 value. Their video that got me to convert and sign up for their lead magnet was very high level – but effective in the cliffhanger sense. It had good points and set me up for the value that I was seeking – from a high level perspective. When it came down to providing the actual value that I needed in order to show me that this person really knew what they were talking about – it fell very short to say the least. However, it still provided something that gave me a shred of hope that this person’s product or service could solve my problem.

The Ugly

In some cases, I purchased their course or service anyway thinking that the value would be there – I mean it had to be right? Nope, it wasn’t unfortunately :-/ and here is why: The main objective or goal for a lead magnet is to provide value and ultimately get the potential new customer to become an actual paying customer. Their lead magnet did not set me up or pre-qualify me for being an ideal client of theirs. I only paid for their course or their service because I thought that I would finally get the information that I seeked. So they wasted my time and money. Sure, they got paid the one time but now they lost credibility from me and I will never buy their courses or sign up for their services again.

In these cases I usually unsubscribe from their YouTube channel and their email list because to me – they are not a legitimate or credible source for the information that I am seeking. Instead they are time wasters and fluff content producers. This is a HUGE problem with these “gurus” that you may or may not have experienced yet.

The Opportunity

The good news is that this is a HUGE opportunity for people who are going to put in the work and actually provide value in order to create abundance for themselves as well as for their customers. It’s a win/win really.

The most expensive thing that a business incurs is the price of acquiring a new customer. And that’s why your content and your lead magnet are so important! You want to build trust with your marketing funnel AND your actual products or services. This is how you create abundance for your customer which in turn will result in abundance for you.

Your video content and lead magnet should help you acquire customers that you will ultimately improve the lives of and provide value for – since this is what business is ultimately about. What it’s not about, however, is trying to get as many customers as possible in order to make a ton of money but provide very little value. No one wins long term in this scenario.

So let’s jump into what you will take away from this course/my lead magnet:

  • How to take step by step notes for what you are going to teach your potential new customer so that you can provide the most value
  • How to ensure that every element that you address in your lead magnet is providing value to your potential new customer
  • How to ensure that you are prequalifying them in addition to providing them with the value that they need in order to be successful on their own, or to become a paying customer
  • And how to create a lead magnet like this one

So let’s jump into it in the next section. See you there!