When I first start creating video content for Fischer SEM, I created mini funnels with my content and tested out a few lead magnets in the process. The lead magnet that was the most successful was my How to Come Up With Video Topics for Your Video Content free course. That course has since evolved into the How to Come Up With Video Topics lead magnet for my video marketing funnel for my Custom Video Marketing Funnel Services.

For your business, I highly recommend that you create 2 to 3 individual video marketing funnels and test out 2 lead magnets per funnel like this example that we used in the video series and free course:

For each of your lead magnets, you want to make a preliminary list of what value you would like to provide as it pertains to your topic. For example, for this lead magnet of mine I had a list of about 10 things that I wanted to include. As I went through the process of actually mapping out how I would build each of those items out, I started to consolidate the list into 5:

1.) My introduction where I shared with you the good, the bad, the ugly and the opportunity as I felt that it was important to share that initally in order to set you up for these elements and convery their importance propperly:

2.) How to take notes like I am showing you now

3.) How to ensure that you are providing value

4.) How to use your lead magnet as a prequalifier

5.) How to create a lead magnet like this one using WordPress and LearnDash like I did

For your lead magnet do the same:

  • Provide value in your introduction section that sets your potential new customer up for the expectation of what they will learn and why you felt that these elements were of the most value for them
  • Show them step by step how to create the starting element – since most people give up if this is not well articulated
  • Give them instructions on how to apply the value that you are providing so that they solve their problem
  • Prequalify them for your product or service so that neither of your time is wasted. To do this, simply outline a set of tasks that they will need to have completed before the consumer your product or service in order for it to work for them and their specific need.
  • And finally, show them how to implement everything so that they walk away from your lead magnet with a implementable solution.

Using the bullet points above, create the outline for each of your lead magnets. I recommend completing one lead magnet at a time and revisiting this course as I create and complete each one.

Once you have your online completed for the lead magnet that you are currently working on, go ahead and proceed to the next lesson of this course.