Before you work with me, you will need to have the following:

  • The ability to film your own videos
  • The ability to edit your videos
  • Not be camera shy 🙂

I do not provide filming or editing services. So if you are not willing to get in front of the camera or do not have a representative from your company who is willing to get in front of the camera, these services are not a good fit for you.

If you answer yes to all 3 of the bullet points above, then I would love to work with you! Here are my al la carte services:

Consulting Session For Build Out Strategies – $125

If you have already built out a strategy based on the information that I provided for you in my video series – and free courses – and just need someone to bounce some ideas off of – specifically me 🙂 – You can book a 1 hour call with me. We will go over anything that you are stuck on. At the end of the call you will get a summary in notes and my recommendations outlined for you so that you can reference them as needed. THIS IS NOT A STRATEGY BUILDING CALL SESSION. If you need a strategy built out, see the Full Custom Strategy service below.

Video Topic Research – $250

If you have taken my How to Come Up With Topics For Your Video Content free course and are still having some trouble or you would like to have the research done for you, this service is for you! It includes 25 video topics all organized into funnels so all you will have to do is create the scripts and outlines from there. Includes a 30 minute intro call.

Video Script Outlines – $50 per outline

If you are struggling with getting your script outlines set up, this service will provide you with a full outline containing the important Hook, Value and Call to Action elements. All you will need to do is fill in the areas of you expertise and then move on to filming and editing. Minimum of 3 scripts. Includes a 30 minute intro call.

Full Custom Strategy – $1,750

I will build you a strategy from start to finish including:

  • 1 hour intro call where you teach me about your business/industry
  • Target Audience/Persona Build Out
  • Video Topic Research for 50 Videos
  • Video Script Outline for 10 videos
  • Custom Paid Advertising Funnel build out and tracking set up
  • Custom email strategy creation and build out into a CRM
  • 1 hour call where we will walk through your entire video marketing funnel and answer and questions that you may have/make any adjustments as needed

So everything you need to set started and set up except for filming.

Monthly Management and Consulting Services – $500

Once you have everything built out and in place with your videos filmed, edited and uploaded, I will manage your entire funnel strategy for you in including:

  • Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • Weekly email audience list uploads/refreshes
  • Email Marketing Campaign Performance
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports and Recommendations for additional content to create
  • Monthly review of email marketing campaign performance with recommendations
  • Monthly review of lead magnet effectiveness/improvements
  • Email access to me and a monthly 1 hour call with me if needed

If you are ready to get started with any of the services above, you can schedule an intro call with me here: